With the economy the way it has been, now more than ever, make sure your money is not going down the drain.  We are all trying to “cut back” and the need to impress others is a thing of the past… you just look like a show-off.  We should try to manage our money so our money doesn’t manage us.  I thought you might like some ideas on how to live below your means:

BORROW AND SHARE:  Instead of going to the movies or renting a movie, instead borrow a DVD from a friend.  Have a snack from your own fridge and creat the movie experience right in your own home.  This is way cheaper than the gas and expense of going out. 

GIVE WITHOUT SPENDING:  It is important to give so that you may receive.  Try to make someone’s day by sending them a letter.  Help someone with a labor task they may have.   Call someone to just say Hi.  It’s the thought that counts and your personal touch that makes people feel special, not money.

AVOID THE MALL:  Many people choose to walk around the mall as “something to do.”   Going to the mall is not entertainment and you will end up spending money you never needed to.  If you are in need of clothes try to shop sales and go to stores that offer name-brands at a discount. 

NEED VS. WANT:  Make a list of what you need and only buy what you need!  Avoid things you might want but are not on your list. 

DON’T LOOK AT ADVERTISEMENTS:  Be careful of looking at advertisements….. Many times people are convinced they need items after looking at ad’s.  If you didn’t know you needed it before looking at an ad, you probably don’t really need it.  Of course if you know you need something ad’s are great to find the perfect sale.

NEVER PAY RETAIL:  Only buy items when they are on sale.  Always check the sale papers…. Buy from discount stores… Check the sale racks…  Take advantage of coupons… 

AVOID IMPULSE BUYING:  When you see something to buy, even if it is on sale… Try to go home and do some research on the price.  Double check that the sale price is the best price.  Take the time to think about if you truly need to purchase the item or if the immediate excitement has worn off.

BUY WITH CASH:  This is one that our grandparents have told us for years, but in todays economy of credit it is often hard to remember.  Try to put money aside for items you know you will be needing and pay cash for them when they come on sale.

SAVE MONEY WHEN YOU SAVE MONEY:  When you find a better deal on something, but the difference in price into a savings.  This includes money saved when switching phone companies, internet access, insurance, shoes, clothes, electronics, etc. 

STAY HEALTHY:  Staying healthy will help you save money in many different ways.   When you are healthy you save money on doctor bills and medicine.  When you become ill and are unable to go to work, it may take away from your salary. 

STAY HOME:  Most people feel like going out is the only way to have fun.  Instead of spending money just to “go out,” next time try to stay in with friends instead.  Save money by staying home and relaxing. 

TIME IS MONEY:  Try to manage your time well to avoid lost money.  Make a list of tasks and take care of the things that give a return on your time and can make you more productive. 

A penny saved is a penny earned.
– Benjamin Franklin




  1. Yu mention things like, take advantage of coupons, go to discount stores etc. but you don’t mention how. Where do I find coupons? magazines, newspapers? What about online methods of finding coupons such as “retail me not”?

    How do I find discount stores … why haven’t you listed easy ways to find good discount stores? What if my friend doesn’t have the DVD I want to watch? What do you think of Netflix compared to Red Box and Blockbuster? Or are you just asking us to make a compromise?

    Avoiding the mall, what are some stores that offer name-brand items? List perhaps? Comon!

    • Thank you for your comments and questions on my post! I appreciate your questions and they may transform into another post covering some of your questions. This particular post was meant as a rough idea to get people to begin to think of alternatives to how they spend money.

      Because many of my readers are not in the same state as I am, the discount stores and coupons will come from many different places.

      Although most people may not have the “movie you want to watch” it is again the idea of borrowing “things” that may be of value to you instead of purchasing for yourself.

      Although this blog was just general ideas to get the ball rolling, I am sorry you were not given more.

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