Anyone who knows me knows that I DON’T exercise.

I want to exercise…… I try going to the gym, I go a few times, then I don’t go anymore.   I tell myself it is because it is not convenient to drive to the gym. 

I buy a treadmill so I can see it every morning and have no excuse not to exercise.  It worked for a week, then I was over it.

I see people who work out often and they are always so excited about going to the gym and having a good workout.  -SO ANNOYING 🙂  I wish I could  want to exercise like them, but I would rather sit than go to the gym.  I want to exercise and get into shape, but when I don’t see instant results I get bored and my routine becomes less and less frequent.  I want to exercise without feeling like I have to, or making excuses not to.  I decided to get excited about the “exercise” I do everyday.  I started to put more effort into the things I do daily to burn a few extra calories doing daily activities.

PARK FAR AWAY:  I don’t try to look for the open parking spot right next to the store.  I like to park at the end of the row and walk just a little farther.  My kids hate that I park far away, but we save time not driving circles looking for a spot or waiting for people to back out.  I also avoid door dings!

PUT A MOVE ON IT:  I always walk fast.  This is usually because I am in a hurry, but I have come to realize that it also helps to raise my heart rate.  I know I am not walking much, but I try to make every step count.

TAKE THE STAIRS:  When we go to places with elevators, I try to take the stairs.  My family loves to race….  So my kids love to race, either to the top of the stairs, or they will take the elevator and I will take the stairs and we see who can make it to the top first.  Walking or running up a couple of flights of stairs is good right?

SHOP:  Having kids I am either walking around the grocery store or the mall.  I have read that shopping for an hour (walking or standing) burns 185 calories.  I try to walk fast to burn even more, but when I am with my kids they are always yelling at me to slow down. 

PLAY:  I think running around with my kids should also count as exercise.  Just walking to and from the car taking my kids to school and all of their activities seems like a lot.  Not to mention playing outside, playing wall ball, walking to and from sports events, etc.

CLEANING:  When I am cleaning the house I feel like I am getting exercise and I also get a clean house.  I have read that just a half hour of cleaning house burns an extra 75 to 125 calories.

DON’T STACK:  I don’t stack things at the top/bottom of the stairs.  Some people like to stack things at the top/bottom of the stairs and use the stairs less often with one big trip.  When I have something that needs to go up/downstairs, I take it.  Some people like to stack things so they can take one big trip. 

SITTING:  In my house, even when I am sitting on the coach I get exercise.  You would be surprised how often my kids need me to get up and help with something, or I get up to switch the laundry, or I get up to check dinner, etc.  I think of it as more stomach crunches.  🙂

I know that many people do these things as well as go to the gym…. At least I am starting somewhere!


11 responses to “I DON’T EXERCISE

  1. haha. nice! i think you’re right…a night spent at home cleaning and reorganizing totally takes place of a cardio workout at the gym! as long as you’re not sedentary in front of the tv every day, it’s no biggie not to “workout”:)

  2. Haha! Yes! I so do all of these things too! My mother-in-law cracks me up ’cause she is so into walking for fitness, BUT! It has to be at a track or a park. She refuses to park far away at a store. And we always tease her about it, but she just has to drive in circles until the perfect front door spot is available, hehe!

  3. You are doing all the right things. There is no point going to the gym if you don’t enjoy it! I love mountain biking not only for the rush I get flying down a mountain, but also because I love nature.
    Maybe add in a weekly hike on top of your busy schedule with the kids. You can even take them!
    If I think of exercise like a chore, it NEVER gets done…ha ha.

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