I can’t tell you how many times I have dug frantically through my purse because my cell phone was ringing, only to have it stop ringing before I found it.  Or, how many times I have searched my purse from top to bottom looking for something and I swore was not in there….only to find it days later in my purse.  I was ready to get organized and I was surprised with some of the things I found hidden in the bottom when I did…..broken pens, old receipts and grocery lists, a ton of change, my son’s toys, and an old energy bar -Yuck.


I was hoping that investing a little time to organize my purse would save a lot of time in the long run.  It is time to get organized, conquer the clutter and put an end to digging around to find what I need.  With all the things that are carried in a purse, how are we supposed to keep it organized:  Wallet, ID/ or license, Debit/Credit Cards, Money, Keys, Cell Phone, Lip Stick, Lotion, Hair Tie, Pads/Tampons, Ibuprofen/pain reliever, Hand Sanitizer, Band-aids, Sunscreen, Floss, Nail file, Mirror, Comb/brush, Sunglasses, Water bottle, Pen, Mints/Gum, Book, iPod/MP3, Camera, Pepper spray, etc.  What good is it to take everything with you if you can never find it?


I found a great way to rangle clutter in your purse, is to divide the items you carry by their purpose and then store them in separate compartments. Storing common items in separate bags makes it easier for you to stay organized, find what you need quickly and switch to a different purse when you’re on the go. Use bags of different colors to make it even easier to remember what you stored in each bag.  
Start by dumping out your purse onto a flat surface.  This will make it easy for you to remove any garbage or things that you may not need to carry.  Once you have everything that you want in your purse, put the items into categories that work for you.  Some ideas might be:
  • WALLET:  Make sure you have some kind of wallet that will hold your ID, debit/credit card, money/checks, etc.  This is usually the most used item in your purse so make sure it is something that can be found easily.  For quick runs to the corner store you can grab this and go without taking your entire purse.  (I use a bright red wallet that can be found quickly)
  • MEDICINE AND FIRST-AID KIT: Create a small first-aid kit with band aids, ointment, tissues, eye drops, throat lozenges and a small pill case with headache, allergy and other medicines you like to have on hand. 
  • SHOPPING:  Keep a zippered bag with coupons, loyalty cards, gift cards, checkbook, and pen.  This is a great place to keep receipts after shopping but remember to sort through this bag weekly.  
  • BUSINESS:  Business cards, calendar, Pen
  • MAKEUP:  Use a zippered makeup bag for sample-sized bottles of lotion and hand sanitizer, lip balm, breath mints, a small brush or comb and other personal care products you use on a regular basis.
  • CATCH-ALL:  Even with your best efforts, you will still have things that will clutter your purse.  Having a catch-all bag for little items that don’t fit in other compartments like, loose change, postage stamps, candy wrappers, and small notes.  Use a clear plastic zip-top bag so you can see what is inside and make sure to clean it out weekly to keep the clutter under control
  • FAMILY:  Use a bag for your kids snacks, small toys, etc.


No that I am organized, I have to make sure to put things back after teach use.  although it only take a few seconds, it will help you to stay organized if I take care of one thing at a time.  I will have to do a quick check once a week to make sure things don’t get out of hand.  Once I have a system down, I am hoping it will get easier to keep things under control.  -Wish me luck…..and good luck to you!



5 responses to “WHAT’S IN YOUR PURSE ?

  1. Good ideas. One of the ways I have cut down on stuff is to have a teeny tiny purse. In it is wallet, glasses, lip gloss, earplugs, and a small note pad and paper to write down all my brilliant thoughts. LOL. But then I don’t have kids to provide for. Any emergency kit I would need at this point in my live might include depends, and a walker.

    • That is also a great idea, but I don’t think it will work for me. I usually end up with my kids school work, toys, my husbands wallet, and everything else under the sun. I can’t wait till I can enjoy the smaller purses. -Thank you!

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