The most common type  of burn is a radiation burn that comes from prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.  Another common type of burn is a thermal burn given by an external heat source usually in the kitchen (hot liquids, steam, flames, etc.)  Chemical or electrical burns are caused by electrical currents and mostly occur in the workplace (wiring, lighting, acids, solvents, etc.)   

Burns are classified as first, second or third-degree depending on how severely the burn penetrated the skin’s surface.  First-degree burns affect only the outer layer of the skin causing it to be red, painful and dry (like a mild sunburn).  A second-degree burn involves the top two layers of the skin and it usually appears red, blistered, swollen and painful.  Third-degree burns penetrate and damage deeper skin layers and can also damage bones, muscles and tendons. 

Burns are very serious!  Always see a doctor to find out how to treat a burn!

I thought you might enjoy some old home remedies:

Aloe Vera Leaf:  cut a leaf off an Aloe plant and apply to a burn for instant relief

Banana:  Apply mashed banana over a burn to have a cooling effect

Cold Water:  Running the burn under cool water for 10 minutes or longer if necessary will help take out the heat.  Don’t use ice or ice-cold water.

Egg Whites:  A cool egg white applied over a burn will relieve pain.  Allow to dry then reapply as needed

Fresh Cut Onions:  Cut an onion and squeeze the juice onto the burn

Grape Jelly:  Organic or natural jelly works best.  Spread on area for 15 minutes, rinse with cold water and reapply as needed

Honey:  After a burn wound is cleaned you can dress it with honey and it will heal faster with less pain and scarring

Mustard:  Spread mustard on the affected area to ease the pain and prevent blistering

Plain Yogurt:  Apply a generous spoonful of plain yogurt to ease pain and speed the healing process.  Let dry and reapply as needed

Raw Potatoes:  A peeled and sliced potato can be applied to a burn.  The juice of the potato should cover the burn

Tea Bags:  A wet teabag applied to a burn will bring relief and help heal.  Chilled and used teabags work well for treating sunburns

Tomato:  Acid from a sliced tomato will take the pain away

Vinegar:  White household vinegar or apple cider vinegar will relieve pain and helps prevent an infection
Baking Soda and Water:  Make a thick paste with cool water then apply to the burn for almost instant relief.  Let dry and reapply as needed

Whole Milk:  Soak gauze with whole milk and gently apply to the burn for about 15 minutes.  Repeat as needed


5 responses to “BURN-BABY-BURN

  1. Listen to me sound educated… ready?

    While I rarely suffer from radiation burns, I frequently suffer thermal burns because I’m such a klutz…

    Ha! Now I know what those terms mean. I feel smarter already! 🙂

  2. Wow what great ideas. i am going to print this and post in my kitchen. also going to send to all my friends. thanks kari i learn something new everyday.

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