Last Thursday night my 15 year old daughter had severe stomach pain.  We went into the hospital early Friday morning and didn’t get out until late last night.  For the first two days the doctor’s thought that it was her appendix but further investigation showed other problems in her stomach.  I did not realize that stomach pain could be so many different things: Appendix, Strep Throat (which I didn’t know could infect your stomach), a Twisted Tube, Gland Infection, and Viral Infection.  Finding what the problem was took time and I am happy to say that we are home and hopefully on the road to recovery.

She has an infection and swelling in her stomach glands which should get better with medication and rest.  When we first got to the hospital the doctors wanted to take out her appendix.  They said she didn’t need it, so we should just take it out.  I knew this from before, but never really thought about it until now.  …..What is the appendix for anyway?

Although the appendix doesn’t appear to have any function, it is a high cause for many stomach problems.  The reason for this is the location of the appendix.  As a Real Estate agent I know that location is a huge factor in the value of home, and the same could be said for your appendix.  The appendix is in a bad neighborhood!  It is located at the beginning of the colon where the small and large intestine join and it is a prime spot for infection.  It is a 3 or 4 inch long closed end tube with an opening in the middle that can allow fecal matter to enter and infection to quickly develop.


5 responses to “STOMACH PAINS

  1. Thanks for the update. We found out the ordeal thru Pat. My husband and I have Hayley and your husband in our prays everyday. Take care. You must be exhausted. So please take care of yourself too.

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