Many times when we think of a board game we think of happy memories.  Board games have evolved over the years, but they continue to be important for us as children as well as adults.  Wether you are playing a game for the first time as a child, or having your neighborhood game night, games allow us to come together and have fun.  What are your favorite board game memories?

The first board game manufactured in the USA was “The Mansion of Happiness in 1843.  Halma was invented in England in 1854.  and in 1870 we saw Snakes & Ladders. 

Increased prosperity and greater leisure time made board games big business and by the mid 1900 over 114 board games were available.  1934-Sorry, 1935-Monopoly, 1940 Candyland, 1948 Scrabble  


  1. allows you to solve a mystery in a mansion divided in several rooms
  2. has players advancing from “start” to “home” 
  3. has teams guessing words that are drawn on a piece of paper
  4. requires you to search for the missing King of a colorful land of candy 
  5. allows you to harvest cherries
  6. allows you to battle your pawns & knights to save the king and queen 
  7. requires you to conquer the world by way of eliminating your opponent 
  8. has red and black circles jumping from square to square 
  9. requires you to form words from tiles
  10. involves you climbing and falling to different parts of the board 
  11. allows you to fire at your opponents vessels 
  12. has game pieces shaped as little cars
  13. asks you to answer questions to get a piece of the pie
  14. allows you to buy property
  15. has you lose your turn when the red nose lights up

1.Clue, 2.Sorry, 3.Pictionary, 4.Candyland, 5.Hi Ho Cherry-O, 6.Chess, 7.Risk, 8.Checkers, 9.Scrabble, 10.Chutes & Ladders, 11.Battleship, 12.Life, 13.Trivial Pursuit, 14.Monopoly, 15.Operation

2 responses to “PLAYING GAMES?

  1. Very enjoyable post– brought back happy memories of that little lead pipe that came with Clue. Was it just a coincidence that I went on to read all the Agatha Christie books?? Love your Count On Cross motto, and hope your daughter feels better soon. Cheers from New Hampshuh! : )

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