I have three children and my husband and I spread our kids out six years apart.  I have been raising kids for many years and I have many more to go.  Over the years many things have changed, and I am sure that it will continue to change.

Let me first say that when my oldest daughter (now 22) was younger our town was so small that everyone knew everyone and if she was going to get into any trouble….I would find out about it.  We loved the small town family feel and raised our daughter to always “Make Good Decisions.”  A phrase I said every time she left the house.

With my middle daughter (now 16) I still always remind her and her friends to “Make Good Decisions.”  Our small town has grown a little over the years and instead of relying on the neighborhood to insure our kids safety…..I now use technology to help me do that.

I recently came up with LOCATION VERIFICATION (LV)….and now all of my daughters friends use it as well.

I used to call the parents of the home she is going over to confirm that the parents are home…..now she takes a picture with the parents and sends it to me.  When she goes to the movies with friends….she takes a picture of all them inside the theatre.  When she is at the mall…..she takes a picture in a store.

Throughout the day I can text her LV? and she sends me a picture.  This is a win, win, win…….my daughter loves to take pictures of herself, I love to see how creative she gets, and we can let her do more without having to worry.

Now her friends parents have caught on and their kids are taking LV pictures at my house.  Friends that had to be home by 10pm before now can stay later thanks to the added security we get with LV pictures.

My son is only 8 but he wants to play along also, we like to take silly LV pictures and send them to his sisters.  My Mother sends some to me, I send some to my kids…..we make it a fun game and I can see that my daughter is safe.

The next time your child wants to go over a friend’s house or you want to make sure they are at the beach, ask for a LV and have them give you a LOCATION VERIFICATION.




  1. what a great inventive idea. everyone who has kids should use this. Its great to be able to check up on them but give them more responsibility. keep up the great ideas Kari.

  2. BRILLIANT idea FOR SURE!! Remind me of this in a few years, and dont be surprised if I LV? you!!! 😉

  3. That’s a good idea!!! But after coaching and being around teenagers 24 7, I hope and pray I never have teenagers!!! Hahahaa I just want them to go from infants, toddlers then right to 18. Hahahahaa

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