As a Realtor, and someone who writes on the internet, I am sure I am guilty of mixing words…..

but some of these are pretty funny!

When we enter home descriptions into the MLS, maybe we need to slow down.  We need to make sure we are writing exactly what we want to say.

“Six burner Woof range” (Woof, Woof –Wolf range)

“New central meat” (don’t we all want central meat? – central Heat)

“Huge d___ in the backyard” (well lets just say it is supposed to be Deck)

“Marble inset good fur chopping” (glad to know we can chop fur –good For chopping)

“Wine slerved at open” (Served)

“Beautiful, wine covered walls” (who doesn’t want wine running down the walls? –wine Colored)

“EZ Fleeway Access” (Just what the buyer was looking for Flee’s – Freeway)

“Notice of constellation” (Really….stars?)

“Unique desin” (design)

“Wine seller in basement” (Does anyone know he’s missing? –Cellar)

“Must submit proof of funs” (How ‘bout a photo of me on a ferris wheel? –Funds)

“Dank hardwood floors thrugout” (Something smells funny -Dark)

“Full frontal and back landscaping” (I don’t know…it’s just not right)

“Gracias living space” (For Spanish-speaking clients –Gracious)

“244 hr notice required – Hurry – will go fast!” (That’s a lot of notice)

“Stunning hurse ranch” (We wrangle the dead –horse)

“Canceled – seller says small gas problem” (Again…just not right)


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