If you are looking for easy cooking ideas, single pot cleanup, and cutting your food and energy costs with low heat cooking, then IT IS TIME TO DUST OFF YOUR RETRO 1970’s SLOW COOKER and save yourself time and money.  As advertised…..this Rival Crock-Pot is “The Working Woman’s Dream!”  Although you probably can’t purchase one for $14.77 anymore, if used right it is well worth the expense.

Save Time:

Using a slow cooker is very easy to do….just layer your food and forget it.  It is not only hands free cooking, it is eyes free cooking.  You don’t have to stand around and monitor the food because there is no boiling over or burning.  You can spend more time with your family and friends and several hours later the food is done and  ready to eat.

Slow cookers allow you to make a meal for the entire family in one dish.  You will not be in the kitchen all night cleaning several pots and pans, one pot and your done.  Remove the slow cook insert, give it a good soak and it will clean right up.

Save Money:

When you use a slow cooker for 7 hours you will use over 50% less energy than using your stove for 1 hour.  This will translate to a lower energy bill and more money in your pocket.

When using a slow cooker, you can buy a cheaper cut of meat.  Because you will be cooking the meat over a low heat for a longer time, the meat tenderizes and will make great stews and soups.

Buy a larger cut of meat and make several meals in one.  (chicken breast for dinner, chicken noodle soup for lunch, chicken tacos the next day) or (pork roast dinner, pulled pork sandwiches for lunch, and soup the next day) etc.

I love getting up in the morning, and putting all of my ingredients into the slow cooker and heading out for my day.  When I return home in the evening, the house smells fabulous, and dinner is ready to put on the table.  Using a Crock Pot or Slow Cooker is a smart choice for many different reasons.


My families favorite recipe is: Roast

  • Place 1/2 (large can) cream of mushroom soup in bottom of slow cooker
  • Salt and pepper large roast and place in pan
  • Cut 1 onion into strips and spread over roast
  • Peal and cut carrots and place in slow cooker
  • Peel and chop potatoes into quarters
  • Add the remaining cream of mushroom soup and a little water
  • Cook all day and enjoy!


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