My teenage daughter recently received her driver’s license and a new truck.  She has been in need of gas money and has been looking for some extra cash, but finding a job has been hard.  With most adults out of work, it has been difficult to find a part-time job that works with her schedule.  She has began to think “Old School” child labor.

She has asked me to put the word out to family and friends that she will do babysitting or other odd jobs to make some extra cash.  I was thinking back to when we were kids and all the “Odd” jobs we used to have as kids.


Mow Lawns

Rake Leaves

Wash Cars

Shovel Snow

Pull Weeds

Photograph A Party

Walk Dogs


Sell Lemonade


The problem is that most people are now doing these chores themselves and looking to save money any way they can.  How do we teach our children the value of working hard and saving money when it is so difficult to find money……I guess that is the lesson, when you find it you better treasure it.


2 responses to “CHILD LABOR

  1. That’s so true. It’s crazy how much the economy has changed so quickly. When I was her age I could find jobs very easily. Tough for kids today.

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