I am starting a dress exchange! Between homecoming, valentines, prom, graduation, etc, I am tired of buying expensive dresses for my daughter that are only worn once. With dances around the corner, I will again find myself at the mall again with my daughter wanting the most expensive dress in the entire state. Oh and of course the dress will be worn only for this one dance (which is in the dark) and never come out of the closet again. The sad thing is that I know all her friends also have 15 dresses in their closets that have only been worn once. Why are we not sharing these dresses?

I am asking everyone who has older children that will not be in need of another dress to donate their old ones so we can get a supply started. Then I am wanting to start an exchange between the girls that are looking for a new dress. If you bring four old dresses you can take home a new dress to keep. Or you can rent a dress for a small fee of only $25.00 to cover the cost of having the dress cleaned upon return. This will save room in your closet, add money to your wallet and still make your kids happy because they can have a new dress.

If you might be interested in donating or exchanging dresses for the upcoming events, please let me know. I am interested to hear your thoughts and help to make our girls and our wallets happy.  Maybe you would like to save some money-getting your daughters next prom dress, or you might be able to help another family save money…..

I know it is a little early to think about prom dresses but to make it work correctly so the girls are happy and you save money we need to start early to get donations so we will have a large selection of styles, colors, and sizes when the time comes.

3 responses to “DRESS EXCHANGE

  1. what a great idea. with the economy now it is such a great plan for girls to be able to get a new dress . many families cannot afford to buy new dressses for every prom and ball. good job again Kari.

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