I have been experimenting with Cake Pops and they have been a huge hit around the neighborhood and at all the parties.  People are now requesting that I bring them to events.  You will not believe how easy they are to make……and they taste amazing.  Because they will be wrapped in chocolate they last for several weeks (we tested them to make sure and they don’t dry out at all.)  You can make them in advance or make a batch to take to several different events.  (I usually get about 24 in a batch but it depends on the size of the balls.)

If I can do it anyone can!

1 Box Yellow Cake Mix  (or chocolate)

1 Can of White Frosting (chocolate if using chocolate cake)

White melting chocolates or chocolate chips

Baking sticks

Decorating supplies  (extra frosting, sprinkles, nuts, etc.)

Step 1:  Bake a Yellow Cake as per directions and let cool.  You could even do this the day before.  (FYI I did Chocolate cake last week and it was even a bigger hit, it tasted like a truffle)

Step 2:  Crumble the cake into the mixer or a bowl to use a hand mixer.  Use the mixer until the cake becomes all crumbs.

Step 3:  For yellow cake add about 3/4 container of white frosting (For chocolate cake add about 3/4 container of chocolate frosting.)  Continue mixing until it becomes completely moist and all stuck together.

Step 4:  Scoop out little balls (I use a coffee scoop, it is the perfect size) and roll them in your hand until they are round.  Place them on a cookie sheet lined with foil.  Continue until all the cake mixture is gone.

Step 5:  Once all the balls are on the cookie sheet.  Melt some white chocolate in a double boiler.  (if you don’t have one, use a large pot of boiling water and set your small pot of candies on top stirring until they melt….be careful with the steam.)  TIP:  Add a few spoonfuls of shortening to the melting candy it will make it less thick and easier to work with.

Step 6:  Dip the tip of the stick into the melted chocolate and push it into the ball of cake (the sticks will all be standing up and the cake pops are upside down).  The chocolate will help hold the stick in place.  Repeat for each ball.  I then put the cookie sheet in the fridge for five or ten minutes to make sure the candy hardens and the pops will be easy to work with.

Step 7:  Once the sticks are firm in place, re-heat the candy (if necessary)…. Pick up one and fix the bottom to make sure it looks nice and round because that will become the top.  Quickly roll the pop in the hot candy and gently roll to remove excess chocolate. (roll upside down to coat with chocolate then hold it flat….if you keep it upside down for long it will fall off the stick)  (If you added the shortening to your candy it will be nice and thin and should allow you to roll the ball in quickly and remove and the excess should roll right off.  Once it has stopped dripping you can add sprinkles, candies, or nuts before the chocolate dries or you can opt to decorate later with colored chocolate.  Place standing up (you can use and upside down collander or piece of styr0foam).

Tip:  If you are decorating with colored chocolate.  Add food coloring to the left over white chocolate and scoop it into a small zip lock bag.  Cut a small hole in the corner of the bag and squeeze a design onto the pops.


I wrote a message on some of them

I made some different shapes…. A baby, a star, a football, a lego, a teddy bear, etc   The balls are the perfect amount and look the best.