Baby shower number two was a few weeks ago……you can see my daughter’s baby shower at Elyssa’s Step and Repeat.  This baby shower was for my girlfriend LeeAnn and her baby McKenna that is due the beginning of March.

After spending some time on Pinterest we came up with some great ideas for her shower.  McKenna’s babies room is going to be done in pink and damask black and white.  We decided to start with the damask invitations that we printed and the stamped with McKenna’s initials.

For the favors LeeAnn wanted to do McKenna’s cookies, and they turned out so cute….and taste even better!

Because many of the mom’s coming to the shower had young daughters, we wanted to have a huge candy bar.  We used several pink candies, suckers, mints, M&M’s, Mike &Ikes, pink heart marshmallows, pink Tootsie P0ps, pink malt balls, etc.  We needed something big on either side of the candy bar an my daughter Elyssa and I decided to try to make pink popcorn…….Oh wow it was soooooooo good!

HOW WE MADE PINK POPCORN…..It was a big hit!

  1. We made some old school popcorn so it wouldn’t have any flavor.
  2. We melted some white chocolate and colored it pink.
  3. We put the popcorn in a large paper bag added a little salt and poured on the hot chocolate.
  4. We then had to shake the bag like crazy people forever.
  5. We laid the popcorn flat on cookie sheets and put it in the frig for the chocolate to harden.
  6. When we took it out of the frig we broke it apart and put it in large containers.

Our friend Heather made an awesome cake.  She did a beautiful cake on top along with red velvet cupcakes… Yummy!  and of course in the same pattern.

I made a diaper cake that also went with the theme.

We served pink champagne and ice cream punch along with great food.  She had a ton of great gifts and everyone had so much fun!

I can’t wait for Baby McKenna to arrive….we are so excited to meet her!


This last weekend we had a baby shower for my daughter.  Since her last name is Bugnatto and everyone calls her husband “Bug” she is going with a Lady Bug theme because she is having a little girl bug!

I decided to try to get crafty for the shower and the first thing I wanted to make is a Step and Repeat for our picture wall.  You see we have a specific wall in our house that we always stand in front of to photograph every occasion.  For this occasion, I wanted to make a red carpet feel and have a lady bug Step and Repeat.  I started with a large bed sheet and letter stencils I bought as well as shape stencils I made.  I used fabric paint and created a Lady Bug wall.

As the guests came in they each took a picture with Elyssa in front of the step and repeat.  When she sent out her thank you cards each guest received their picture from that day.

Elyssa and Nick in front of the step and repeat

My two girls and I (Elyssa and Hailey) in front of the step and repeat

I also made a diaper cake center piece.  It turned out pretty good also, I used a ton of diapers and rubber bands and covered it in lady bug blankets.  I finished it off with pink ribbon with dots and some cute baby toys and gifts.

Not to bad for someone who is not very crafty.  My mother and my Aunts helped with all the food and the cake….thank you very much for all the help.  The party was great and she got a ton of great gifts to get her started.