BUY USED AND SAVE MONEY . . what will you find?

Over the years we have become a society that buys items, uses them for a while, and then gets ride of them or upgrades to the next big thing.  Today people are juggling purchasing wanted items with the need to cut back spending.

Some items are better used than new and you can save yourself some cash.  Most times we can buy better quality merchandise used than we could have afforded new.  Some items are not used often enough when purchased to affect the quality of the product.  You are not always able to find exactly what you are looking for when you buy used, but you may also find the unusual item that you will treasure.  Consider buying these items used and save yourself some hard-earned cash: 

FURNITURE:  Estate sales, garage sales, and second-hand stores are great places to pick up used furniture.  It may take you some time to find what you are looking for, but furniture is a huge expense and a place to save a lot of money.  I collect antiques and I purchased all of my “one of a kind, antique” bedroom furniture from second-hand stores.  The pieces don’t match, but they are all cherry wood and I love that they have a ton of detail, style, and character.  I could have never found anything like this new and the price didn’t break the bank.

DVD’s and VIDEO GAMES:  Many times when we buy a new DVD we watch once, maybe two or three times and then it sits in the cabinet with the other 100 DVD’s we have.  Now we use the $1.00 movie boxes to rent new movies, but sometimes we find one that we must have.  If you buy DVD’s used for your local video store, thrift store, or garage sale you can save 50-90%.  If you are worried about disc scratches, your local video store will give you a money back guarantee.  Most game stores will allow you to sell your old games to them allowing you to exchange games for little to no cost.

CLOTHES:  Most clothing items either go out of style, fall apart, or no longer fit, so why buy brand new?  Places like Plato’s closet and second-hand stores sell gently used, name brand clothes for a fraction of the price in the department stores.  It takes time to look through racks, but you never know what you might find.

TOOLS:  Good quality tools can last for many, many years.  Why buy something in the store for $50 when you can probably find it at a garage sale for less than $5.  Unless you use tools for your occupation, used tools are usually a reasonable and less expensive option.

BOOKS:  Buying books used from places like can save you over 75% even after you pay shipping.  Shopping at garage sales for books you may like is a cheap way to stock up without spending a ton of money. 

Cutting back and buying used can be done many different ways.  The above ideas are just the tip of the iceberg, so when you NEED something, try to find it used to help save your family some money. 

When you are shopping for great deals… never know what you might find…..