When you are looking for a new home to rent it is important to be informed of the dangers to avoid.  It is easy to fall victim to many of the scams out there.

When looking for a home to rent, many people will search the internet and local sites such as Craigslist.  One scam is for people to take a home that is currently for sale and list it on craigslist as a rental.  They will interview applicants and accept a first month and security deposit.  The renters have no idea that the person they are working with is not the actual owner of the home.  Most of these scammers are very convincing in dismissing suspicion.  They excuse the fact that you can’t view the home because the old tenant hasn’t moved out yet.  They may offer the home at such a great price that you just don’t want to miss out on the perfect deal.

This is not something that just happens on the internet.  Some scammers will find a vacant home and have the locks changed so they can meet clients, show the home, and collect the money.

Another scam to be aware of is one that can be very inconvenient for you.  Some renters are finding themselves signing a lease, moving into a home with no problems.  A little after they are settled someone knocks on the door and advises them that the home has been sold and they need to move out immediately.  Landlords that are in foreclosure are moving into rentals and renting out their homes until the bank shows up to remove them.  This will leave you with no place to live, the loss of your security deposit plus the additional moving expenses.

We can give you piece of mind when you are looking for a new rental.  Using a Realtor to find a rental is a free service we provide.  We will ensure that the person claiming to be the landlord is the actual owner of the home.  We can also check to ensure the home will not be in foreclosure at the time you sign your contract.  We can help you make a more educated decision when you are looking for a home to rent.