It is now January 2nd……how are your New Year’s Resolutions going?  Did you plan on eating healthy and watching less TV…. then woke up tired after a fun filled New Year’s, curled up on the couch and ate a bag of chips while watching Cup Cake Wars.  This year I decided to make resolutions I “should” be able to keep, but first I want to help you with your resolutions.

It’s not to late to make your resolutions and I have some tips that might help you keep them throughout the year.  The most popular resolutions for 2012 are…… Get Healthy – Eat Better – Lose Weight – Save Money – Pay Down Debt – Stop Smoking – Get Organized – More Family Time – Finish Projects – Volunteer – Read More – Better Work Life Balance – Have More Fun – Etc.


GET IN SHAPE:  Going to the gym every day is a common new year’s resolution, but while gym membership enrollments rise in January, many of them are never used. Be realistic about your exercise goals and try to start small.  Try incorporating more physical activity into your every day. For example: Take the stairs instead of the elevator and walk or bike instead of driving.

EAT BETTER:  Busy people often reach for the take-out menus or head to the restaurant for almost every meal.  Why not set a goal of eating in more than you eat out?  If you are the type of person that always eats out, never eating out will be very hard…. Try to make a few extra meals at home each week, and when you do have to eat out….. make sure you try to order the best thing you can find on the menu.

DON’T FORGET BREAKFAST:  In our busy lives, we often forget to eat the most important meal of the day. Breakfast can set the tone for your entire day — providing you with the nutrients you need to have a productive day.  Try giving yourself and extra 10 minutes each morning to have a small breakfast, it can make all the difference.

TURN OFF ELECTRONICS:  In this day and age we’re all wired all the time. Why not try to live in the moment a little more?  Turn your cell phone and computers off at home and during social occasions.  That phone call or text can probably wait until you’re done; it will also make your face-to-face time more valuable and productive. But don’t stop there:   Why not turn it off even when you’re alone? You’ll probably notice more on your walk if you’re not stopping to tweet about it!

BE MORE PERSONAL:  Yes, texts are a really efficient way of reaching somebody — it’s also arguably better because you are not interrupting the person you’re trying to get in touch with.  But when was the last time you had a long phone conversation?  Next time you want to contact someone, try to call them instead of texting. It’s more personal, less prone to miscommunication, and a great way to catch up with someone who is far away.

FACE TIME:  An easy to way to show people around you that you’re engaged and interested is simply to make more eye contact during conversations. In this age of communicating through all kinds of at-a-distance contact, making the most of face-time with other people is a rare and highly appreciated skill.

READ MORE BOOKS:  Continuing on the theme of “unplugging,” consider turning off the Internet at 8 pm every night and getting your content fix out of a book instead!

DON’T BE LATE:  Being on-time is a fine resolution, but if you really want to learn time-management skills, be better than punctual!   My Son-In-Law and I joke that if you are not 10 minutes early……you are late.  Really work to be early to everything, when you try to be “on-time” it is easy to fall short and arrive late.  Being early will give you a little more room for error.

STOP IMPULSE BUYS:  How much of what you spend do you really need? What if you gave yourself more time to consider what you spend? An easy way of forcing this considerate financial behavior is to leave your credit cards at home. This way you can only spend whatever cash you have. If you still want it a few days later, maybe it’s a good choice after all. This is a simple way to cut down on impulse buys.

WRITE A LETTER:  Writing letters used to be an art. What happened? A special way to thank people and remind others you care and are thinking about them is to write handwritten letters, postcards, and thank-you notes for friends, family, and co-workers. It’s an easy sentiment that goes a very long way, particularly because it’s so rare these days.

DON’T GOSSIP:  Many people resolve to not gossip, but why not go a step further? Don’t let other people gossip to you. You’ll be seen as a trustworthy person, and you’ll probably be engaged much more productive conversations in general.

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT:  Do something every day that takes you out of your comfort zone! This, of course, will be different for everyone. It can be as simple as speaking or smiling to a stranger, signing up for a dance class, running an extra mile, going to dinner by yourself or reading a book you’ve always meant to cross off your list. You may surprise yourself.

SO NOW THAT I HAVE HELPED YOU WITH SOME OF YOUR RESOLUTIONS…..I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED TO READ SOME FROM MY 2012 LIST.  I decided to make my list more obtainable this year…wish me luck!

  1. Stop exercising…Big waste of time
  2. Gain weight, 10-15 pound goal
  3. Read less. Makes me think too much
  4. Get further in debt..the kids will probably help with this.
  5. Watch more TV…I have been missing some really good stuff.
  6. Wait around for opportunity…..
  7. Procrastinate more….Will start tomorrow.
  8. Stop eating at home…I should eat out more often.
  9. Get more toys..Another one for the kids to get behind.
  10. Spend vacation in Cyberspace