My kids will never know life without in-car DVD players, video games, and cell phones.  Over the years, technology has quickly evolved and continues to change the way we live our lives.  Todays cell phones are designed to make life easier by allowing us to have a complete computer at our finger tips.  Soon technology will make our lives easier at restaurants via the tablet.

No more going to a restaurant, waiting for a server to order food, having an empty drink, looking for a server to pay your bill, etc.

Imagine sitting at a restaurants without a paper menu.  Each table is equipped with an easy to use ipad that allows you to have everything you need at your fingertips.  Order your food and drinks whenever you are ready, even make special request such as “a salad with dressing on the side”.  When your drink gets low, click for a re-fill and a new drink will be brought right over.  If you would like desert, order what you want and it is on the way.  View and pay your bill whenever you are ready, enter your valet number and your car will be waiting for you, have your receipt emailed to you, etc.   No more struggling to figure out how to split the bill, the system allows you to have several individual bills at the same table.  Having the ipad at each table also allows patrons to use the internet access to work or play while they enjoy their meal.

You won’t have to worry about the waiter asking if you need anything just after you put a huge bite of food in your mouth, the MIA waiter that never refills your drinks, or having to ask someone walking by for your bill.

Unlike standard menus that say 14-ounce steak, customers can see pictures and detailed information including a large description and nutrition information.  Customers like the idea of ordering food that gets sent directly to the kitchen and will have a faster turnaround of food.

Most people see the ipads as a win-win creating happy customers and more profit for owners.  Using the ipads will allow restaurant owners to give customers the dining experience they want and will also have a faster turn around on the tables giving the ability to serve more customers each day.  Restaurant owners using this system hopes that diners will spend more with the ability to view a complete wine list, or build a milkshake from scratch.  Owners also anticipate that diners will come more often if the experience is fast and convenient.  However, some people do fear that the use of the ipad will reduce the need for the number of waiters the restaurant will need to employ.

Fast food chains are also looking forward to introduce electronic ordering kiosks in restaurants.  McDonald’s already uses the kiosks in 800 of its restaurants in Europe and a few other locations.

We already use touch computers to do our banking, pump gas, rent movies, and develop our pictures…

What is next?

Do you like all the advances in technology?