Most people have 1,000, 5,000, or 10,000 emails in their inbox….like you are ever going to go back to email number 7,113 and deal with it.  You may have the best of intentions to go back and deal with it, but once it is out of sight it is over.  If you do happen to get back to it, most likely it is too late or the person feels like you have blown them off.

I am working on currently cleaning out my email box so that when I go to bed each night it will be empty and I will be ready for the next day of incoming emails.  With the amount of information we have coming at us each and every day we need to be able to evaluate information quickly and act on it…..not procrastinate on it.  We are in the information age, and information is coming at us like a rushing river and it is not going to slow down anytime soon.  The reality of it is of all the emails I get a day probably on 30 require some kind of a response.

I will be focused on deleting the not so important emails and spam throughout the day.  I will try to whittle down my inbox so that when I do sit down to work on replying and dealing with my emails I can focus on the things that really need my attention and not the junk emails.

Many items I am cc’d on and do not require a reply….I can simply scan through those and either delete or file into the appropriate folder.

Information is power, but only if we use it correctly……DO IT,    DELEGATE IT    OR    DELETE IT !