While we’re deciding whether or not to initiate that big home remodeling project, we think about many things…cost, timeframe, and inconvenience.  Many times we forget about the safety and happiness of our pets during a home renovation.  Our pets cannot protect themselves the way we can, so we must remember to look out for them.

It will definitely make a difference if you are doing the remodel yourself or having outside contractors do the job.  If you are not going to board your animals during a remodel it is important to remember to take care of and protect them during the process.

Many pets are uncomfortable when strangers are in the home and some pets become very protective and territorial of their family.  Along with the fear of a stranger in the home, they will no doubt be making some noises that might frighten your animals.

It is a good idea to restrict the pet from the area of your home that will be remodeled well before construction begins.  If the construction will be in your pet normal feeding area, begin training them to look for their food in another place in advance.

Once construction begins make sure to seal off the construction area so your pet will not be able to enter it and risk injury. A pet can be injured by stepping on sharp objects or by accidentally causing construction materials to fall. The safest thing for your pet is to ensure that it cannot enter the construction area.  Alert your contractor and the workers if your pet will be on the premises during the remodel. Particularly if your pet tends to be curious or territorial, they will then know they need to be careful about leaving anything around that could harm your pet.

Make sure that doors and windows will not be exposed for long periods of time.  While they are open your pet will need to be secured to prevent wondering.

If you expect workers to access the backyard you may want to restrict your pets access to the yard.  The pet will then need to be walked throughout the day.

Ensure that the workers remove or elevate all electrical wires, nails, staples, tacks or anything sharp.  Remind the workers to fully clean all areas at the end of each day and stabilize all loose items to avoid falling or choking.

Be mindful of your pets and help provide a “safe haven” for them during the renovations.  If your pet has a decreased appetite, urinary issues, hair loss, chewing or barking issues, or any unusual behavior, consult your vet immediately.