What a Mother’s Day!  I woke up and started getting things ready for breakfast.  All the kids came in with flowers and cards.  The card I got from my oldest daughter and son-in-law said Happy Mother’s Day Grandma………What?  They told me that the were going to be having a baby!  So exciting……even thought I feel like I am a little young to be a grandmother. 🙂

The rest of my cards were also great and my middle daughter and my son wrote me some pretty great notes.  My husband gave me five cards in one which was cool.  We ate breakfast and it was time for an activity…..

This year I wanted to have everyone do a “family project” together.  I love the time we all spend together doing family projects…and usually we end up with some pretty cool stuff  (although we have had times when we just made a mess.)

Since I don’t have any kind of green thumb, or own any live plants….I thought we could try to make a TERRARIUM.  Saturday I went to the store and found a couple great glass containers and bought the needed supplies.  (I wanted to make one for my mother and have my kids make one for me) 

The kids each took turns putting in a layer and then all worked together to put in the plants and creat a scene.  We had a lot of laughs and made a huge mess.

When we were all done……we did it!  It looked sooooooo cool!  Complete with people camping on the beach and a dear coming out of the “forest”.

If you are interested in making a Terrarium…. this is how we did ours:

  • layer 1…..Small rocks to cover the bottom
  • layer 2…..soak dried moss in water for one minute and cover rocks
  • layer 3…..cover dried moss with unfertilized soil
  • layer 4…..fresh moss on top and decorate with rocks, sand, and figurines

Place a lid on the container to seal the terrarium and lock in moisture. 

What would your terrarium look like?